The Journey To Competitive Advantage...

Through Servant Leadership


Can you imagine the excitement people would feel coming to work every day to a company where leaders understood that building a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization is based on how leaders treat and develop their people? Where leaders view people as their most important asset, and they’re not just words in a mission statement? Where leaders recognize that their workforce comes to work bringing their dreams, goals, skills, and potential for achieving something bigger than themselves, and the role of leadership is to help people discover and reach their potential?


Servant Leadership principles help leaders to not only look at the way we lead but also at our motives, our actions and the results our leadership has on the people we lead and the company results. Working to become a servant leader can help you become the kind of leader that can Impact lives and also improves the company’s results. It’s not an either or, you can learn to balance being a good steward over both. It is possible to live your life for maximum impact on the people God puts in your life be it at work, family, community or wherever God takes you. Read the story to find out how you can find real joy and happiness as a leader and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Bill Flint, President/CEO of Flint Strategic Partners and author of the new book "The Journey To Competitive Advantage Through Servant Leadership", speaks at Leaderfest 2012 in Wisconsin.

"Building The Company Every Person

Dreams Of Working For and

Every President Has A Vision Of Leading"



Book also available at Barnes and Noble,, and Westbow Press




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